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Lomi Lomi + Foot Reflexology to Release the Whole Body

You can combine our popular Lomi Lomi and Foot Reflexology menu to treat your entire body! You can relax both physically and emotionally. 

~What is Reflexology? ~

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Reflexology is a treatment that improves physical discomfort, relieves fatigue, and enhances the skin condition.
By stimulating the reflex areas on the soles of the feet, it works on internal organs and restores the natural healing power of the body. A gentle stimulus to the soles helps regulate the autonomic nerves, relax, relieve stress, and deepen the your sleep. 
Reflexology is an effective way of maintaining health by adding stimulation to the feet. 

What are the Benefits of Foot Reflexology? 

1.  Increases body temperature
By massaging the soles of the feet, it makes it easier for the blood to flow throughout the body and circulate, warming the whole body and raising the temperature. The immune system gets stronger 5-6 times with an increased body temperature. Getting a reflexology regularly can help restore the normal body temperature and improve circulation.

2.  Helps maintain weight
Foot reflexology delivers oxygen to all cells throughout the body, facilitating the elimination of waste products, boosting metabolism, and making it easier to burn fat cells. When waste products are not excreted properly and continue to accumulate in the body, it can lead to weigh gain. By incorporating reflexology to a daily life, it can help maintain weight.

3.  Strengthens immune system
Immune system gets boosted when the body temperature and metabolism increases. Your body will have enough stamina to fight back the cold and less likely to get severe symptoms with foot reflexology.

4.  Reduces foot swelling
Foot reflexology can improve lymphatic and blood flows, which makes it difficult for cellulite to form. Cellulite can form not only from standing for too long, but also from sitting down. In addition, an unbalanced diet and coldness can also lead to swelling of the feet. The swelling is usually temporary, but it can turn into a permanent condition if left untreated. When the lymphatic and blood flows are blocked, it can cause a decreased metabolism and body starts to store fat cells. The combination of fat and waste products can form more cellulite, which is hard to loosen up. Foot reflexology can detox fat and waste products, prevent cellulite from forming, and remove swelling from the legs.

5.  Relax
It not only gives a pleasant stimulus to the reflective part of the sole of the foot, but also brings a relaxing effect with a high sense of security and warmth when touching the skin with bare hands. In the reflexology procedure, alpha waves, which indicate that the brain is in a relaxed state, are more likely to appear in the brain waves.

6.  Keep youthful
It improves blood circulation, circulates fresh oxygen throughout the body, improves metabolism and maintains youthfulness. Stimulating the reflex areas, such as the soles of the feet, not only increases metabolism, but also exerts force on the internal organs and other parts of the body, activating the functions of the internal organs. As a result, the skin beautification effect is enhanced and the skin becomes more youthful.

7.  Stress relief
This is to regulate the autonomic nerves by comfortably stimulating the reflex areas such as the soles of the feet, deepening sleep and facilitating refreshment of the mind and body. Stress builds up little by little in our daily lives and in our interactions with various people. It has the effect of reducing and relieving troublesome stress.


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