Popular Massage in Waikiki

Waikiki, Hawaii | Introducing Popular Massage

We know that your stay in Hawaii is packed with activities from shopping to hiking Diamond Head and chilling at the beach. A relaxing massage can help you enjoy all these activities without putting too much pressure on your body!

Upon arriving at Hawaii, why not get a massage before your check-in time? You can release all the aches and fatigue from the flight and be energized to do all the planned activities. Massage is also effective for a jetlag so you will get a good night rest and enjoy the next day as well!

Cocolomi Massage is located in the center of Waikiki, offering a relaxing experience with licensed and skilled massage therapists. We’ve been featured as a “go-to place after getting off a plane” by multiple established media.

Discounts on Popular Massage Menus♪

【Lomi Lomi】
Lomi Lomi is the traditional Hawaiian healing method. Massage therapists use their elbows and arms to massage the entire body with oil. It is effective for dullness, shoulder pain, lower back pain, feet pain, and puffiness.
Lomi Lomi Massage

60 mins $75 ($115 value)
90 mins $106 ($155 value)
120 mins $135 ($195 value)
(Tax/Tip Excluded)

【Dry Body Massage】
Unlike Lomi Lomi, Dry Body Massage releases tight muscle without oil. You can request the pressure, speed, and areas of focus to your masseuse. You can keep your clothes on for this menu.

60 mins $60 ($100 value)
90 mins $85 ($140 value)
120 mins $108($180 value)
(Tax/Tip Excluded)

【Foot Reflexology & Lomi Lomi Massage】
This is a combination menu for Lomi Lomi and Foot Reflexology. You can relax your entire body from head to toe.
Lomi Lomi & Foot Reflexology
60 mins $90 ($135 value)
90 mins $120 ($175)
(Tax/Tip Excluded)

Waikiki Massage|10% Off for Couples

Couples Room
In addition to the discounted rate, we are currently offering 10% off to parties of 2 or more. Cocolomi Massage is one of the most spacious massage salons in Waikiki, and you can experience the relaxing massage in a private space. Bring your loved one or friends and share the blissful moments together! We look forward to seeing you at our salon.

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